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How To Overcome Math Anxiety- Ultimate Guide

How To Overcome Math Anxiety – Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wondered how to overcome Math Anxiety? Well, it’s a question that has been bothering students for ages. Taming the math monster and defeating math anxiety is a daily challenge for many of us who study math. But fear not! You’re not alone in this struggle to overcome math anxiety, and there are reasonable solutions. In this article, we’re going to explore some tried-and-true tips to help you overcome math anxiety.

Do You Have Math Anxiety?

Math anxiety is a common phenomenon. Be it a first-time learner or a high school student, and this anxiety can develop in anyone. If you feel stressed out thinking about Math tests or while doing Math homework and continuously feel pessimistic about the subject, you will have Math anxiety.

You can overcome Math anxiety with regular practice in online courses such as MyMathLab Answers by Pearson Education.

What Is Math Anxiety?

What Is Math Anxiety?

Math anxiety is the fear of doing math and finding incorrect solutions every time. This fear further leads to poor performance in the assignments and tests. The significant symptoms of anxiety in math are:

  • Negative thoughts.
  • Lack of motivation to solve problems in Math.
  • Irregularity in learning schedule.
  • Attempting Math homework at the last minute.
  • Panic-stricken during Math test.
  • Inability to grasp Math concepts.
  • Struggle to recall Math facts.
  • Memorizing Math rather than understanding the concepts.

Math anxiety is a condition, and you can get rid of Mathematics anxiety with your willpower. Explore here the Conceptual Understanding In Math to improve math skills.

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What Causes Math Anxiety?

What Causes Math Anxiety?
Math anxiety can be due to many reasons. Here we will talk about a few of them:

1. Poor Teaching Or Parenting Style

Due to the teacher’s ignorance, even a meritorious child fails to develop a strong foundation in Maths. Due to a lack of care and motivation, the child miserably fails to understand concepts in the right way.

2. Social Stereotypes

Unfortunately, Math has been defamed for years. From the early years of education, a child starts to believe that it is challenging to grasp math concepts, and thus it is hard to focus on Maths. It further causes Math anxiety. As a result, the student does not look for ways to overcome Math anxiety.

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What Are The Tips To Overcome Math Anxiety?

What Are The Tips To Overcome Math Anxiety?

Never Give Up

Never treat a failed attempt in math as a personal failure. You can avoid these potential failures when you develop a positive mindset. You have to believe no matter what, you can overcome math fear. Keep your focus on and treat it as a subject. Keep practicing your math skill until you feel confident. Studies have proved that the approach toward math deals with additional training and has nothing to do with anxiety in math. To minimize Math anxiety, motivate the mind and control the negative thoughts. 

Meanwhile, check out a good guide on how to study for math.

Understand The Concept Instead Of Memorizing Formulas

You cannot eliminate math anxiety without focussing on the concepts. For example, you may take undue stress in memorizing formulas. If you learn the concepts well, you may feel more confident in the subject.

Therefore, instead of beating your head to remember every petty theory, focus on explaining the formulas and seeing the difference you make. Meanwhile, students whoo are thinking to take math major, follow the blog here.

Give Extra Effort On Tricky Concepts

The following strategy in overcoming Math anxiety is to put extra effort into understanding tricky concepts. Spending more time with the problematic concepts may make you feel overwhelmed. However, it helps to minimize math anxiety drastically. The idea of getting exposed to more extensive images helps to make you less anxious.

If you cannot break the concepts, you may look forward to extensive help. You can take a face-to-face tutor who dedicates his time to explaining math concepts, or you can ask for professional help for your assignments.

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Relate Yourself To The Subject

Consider yourself a “math person.” Math is indeed taught in a not-so-exciting manner in school. The abstract way of learning the different concepts left you feeling unconnected to the subject. You failed to relate the subject in your everyday life. 

Math is not a restricted subject. You can do much more with the subject of Mathematics than you think. Just remember that math is so much more than that.

Whether it is about counting the stairs or the number of new dresses in the last 5 years, or the price and quantity of milk purchased by your family member, thinking about the calculation help you feel connected to the subject.

Practice Sums Every Day

The best way to develop a bond with the subject is to practice sums every day. Although it may sound boring, with time, it can be fun. The more you work hard on it, the more familiar with Math you become. You must practice new and improved concepts every day to form a strong foundation. Keep practicing mental math whenever you are free. It is a kind of exposure-based therapy that makes Math interesting every day. Try to learn Math through different online games or select an online course in Math. 

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Take Professional Assistance

Face-to-face tutoring sessions can help tackle Math anxiety effectively. Studies have proved that a continuous 8 weeks of practice with a tutor helps a 6 to 9-year-old kid develop Math concepts much faster than a student who did not practice on a continuous basis. Around 40minutes of Math practice per week with a tutor helps form a robust foundation in math. It leads to reduced Math anxiety and more positiveness towards the subject. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, anyone can overcome math anxiety by developing good study habits. By formulating some useful study skills, one can get rid of math anxiety successfully.

  • Excessive Math anxiety can destroy the problem-solving skills and reasoning skills that are naturally developed by the brain. Students should make efforts to develop effective strategies to overcome Math anxiety.

  • One of the most essential strategies to reduce math anxiety is establishing a positive mindset. The student should stop feeling negative about the subject. Also, the learners should not set impossible impractical goals to succeed in math. Regular practice and understanding the concepts well will help to overcome Math anxiety.

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