Mathematics is a subject that we have been studying ever since we started going to school. We learned it in our kindergarten, middle school, high school and have to study in college as well. However, before college, which is still high school, students must learn the subject and its concepts mandatorily. But, by the time you reach your college, the choice is in the hands of students whether they want to carry on studying Math or leave it.  

Now, while some students are interested in the subject and pursue higher studies in Math, many students want to escape from the subject. That is because they are not very good at it. However, you can learn to improve by getting some help like reading this blog post on how to be good at math. But, you must know that you get to study math not only when you have opted for Mathematics degrees, but it is an additional subject for the college level math course. If you think, ‘do you have to take math in college?’ the answer is no, you get to choose. But, should you opt for the subject, we would say yes, and let’s discuss why!

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What Math Classes do You Have to Take in College?

What Math Classes do You Have to Take in College?

Firstly, if you are looking to choose a Mathematics course in college, you should know what subjects and math classes you have in college. Here is a list of some important subjects that you have to study in college math courses-

  1. Pre-Algebra
  2. Algebra
  3. Geometry
  4. Algebra II
  5. Trigonometry
  6. Precalculus
  7. Calculus

However, it is not necessary that you get all the subjects mentioned above. A student usually has to study three or four subjects from the list stated. It also depends on the course you have opted for as Mathematics is an essential subject for various courses related to Science or Business. For example, in Business programs, you also have to study Economics, Statistics, and Accounting apart from Algebra and Calculus. 

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Is Math Required in College?

Is Math Required in College?

As we established in the previous sections, Math is not a mandatory subject in college unless you opt for it to be a major subject. You can leave the subject if the course you wish to study in college does not mandate the subject. Other than that, many other factors determine whether Math is required in your courses. 

One such factor is the subject or course that you want to study in college. If you want to become a Scientist, an Accountant, or an Analyst, you must study Math throughout your academic life. However, if you choose to study a subject that does not require the employment of mathematical concepts, you can escape the subject. Subjects or courses such as Mass Communication, Philosophy, English, and Anthropology, etc., do not require Math. Though you might get the subject as an additional subject, you can choose to opt out of Math.

Another factor is the college that you wish to study and achieve your degree from. Different colleges have different academic criteria for students to enroll in particular courses in their college. The essential three years of high school math is required in all colleges. But, some universities, such as California State University, recommend four years of Mathematic course for students to be eligible to enroll. 

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Hence, the question becomes do you have to take math in college, and yes, you do if your dream college requires you to.

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What Can You Do With a Math Major in College?

While choosing the subject or the course to study in college, every student checks what they can do with the degree in a specific subject. If you think about what you can do with a Math Major in college, here is a list of professions that you can make a career in with a Math degree-

What Can You Do With a Math Major in College?

1. Accountancy and Finance

Maths graduates have a great scope in Accounting, and they can become professional accountants if they have done Math Courses in college. There are various job roles and profiles that you can fit in with a Math degree, such as tax accountant, auditor, chartered accountant, etc. So next time if you question do you have to take Math in college, think about whether you want a career in finance. If yes, then the answer is yes; you do need to study Math in college. 

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2. Banking Careers

You can take advantage of emerging banking opportunities if you have studied Maths in your college. From retail banking, the world of corporate investment, to bonds and shares and IPOs, knowledge of Math plays a significant role in managing the responsibility efficiently. So, do you have to take Math in college for banking roles? Yes, it would help if you took Math in college.

3. Specialist in Statistics

Nowadays, there is a considerable demand for statistics professionals as they are required in almost every field. They specialize in analysis, collation, and interpretations. In fact, analysis has become a more significant career path in itself. There are analysts for every office and department, such as business analysts, tax analysts, project analysts, data analysts, technical analysts, etc. Do you have to take Math in college for all these profiles? Yes, you do.

4. A Career in Academics and Research

A student with Math major degree can also explore career paths in the academic world. If you want to become a professor or a teacher, you can do that with a Math degree as well. You can teach Math to middle school and high school students. Other than that, you can also take part in Math-related researches.

However, when we talk about research, it is not just about research related to Math as a subject. But, many research elements such as data analysis, data collection, statistical data tools, and methods require you to have Mathematical knowledge. If your question is, ‘do you have to take Math in college to become a teacher or research, the answer is affirmative. 

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Why should I take Math in College?

Apart from all the career-related benefits and aspects of studying Math in college, here are some reasons why you should take Math in higher studies-

Why should I take Math in College?
  1. You become an efficient problem solver. The college-level math course enhances the Mathematical concepts you have studied in school, strengthening your knowledge. As the subject of Math is all about problem-solving, it improves your capability of solving other real-world problems in general.
  1. Studying Math can significantly improve your patience, as solving math queries is an excellent test of patience. You get wrong answers multiple times, and you have to go over them again and again. It can be an irritating process, and the students end up frustrated. But studying Math in college means regular practice and math problem-solving. Your patience is tested regularly, and you eventually pass the test and become more patient than ever. 
  1. The subject of Math can enhance your analytical skills. Now, analysis is not only a professional career option but, it has become a survival skill as well. To improve your analytical skills, you must have the skill of Mathematics. The entire process of solving a math problem, from comprehending the numbers and information and applying concepts and formulas to get to the solution, leads to improved analysis.

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