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Problems Faced by Students in Learning Math Online

Overcoming Challenges: Common Problems Faced by Students in Learning Math Online

Summary – This blog informs about the hurdles students face while opting for online learning classes in mathematics. The common problem is the need for more engagement, technological issues, time management difficulties, and limited peer interaction. This blog provides a strategy to overcome these setbacks. Please read the blog and push back all challenges you might face daily.

Known Facts 

a.   A study by the American Mathematical Society found some common problems faced by students in learning Math online & that students in online mathematics courses gradually need help understanding complex math concepts and more opportunities to ask queries for quick feedback from the instructor. And the research shows that students in online mathematics courses have a lower completion rate than in traditional classroom courses. 

b.  A survey conducted by Inside Higher Ed in 2021 in the Article “A Massive Disruption, a Range of Student Reactions” showed that most students feel isolated during online classes and disconnected from their peers. As a result, it can negatively impact such as a lack of motivation and less focus on online learning classes. So, the survey ends with a high note, such as boosting the right strategies and support systems to enhance the online learning experience for mathematics students in the United States.


Nowadays, the emergence of technology has changed the way for student learning. The students try to engage themselves with the online academic world. Online learning has gained more popularity recently after the COVID-19 pandemic. Among all subjects, mathematics is more important; therefore, there is an increase in online knowledge of mathematics. But online coaching has many hurdles. such: as a lack of teacher interaction, study materials, poor internet connection, etc. This content will give you ample information about problems students face in learning mathematics online and offer approaches to overcome them.

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Common problems faced by students in learning math online 

Lack of Engagement

Lack of engagement: one of the most common problems faced by students in learning mathematics online is lack of instructor attention. When one student goes for an online session, there is always a scope of limited opportunities to interact with the instructor. As a result, this causes lots of confusion and difficulty while grasping the lesson. On the other hand, online learning offers different forms of in-person learning experiences compared to the traditional classroom. This pattern of online sessions affects the student’s ability to engage with the course subject effectively. 

Technological barrier: Technological issues: when one prefers online sessions in that course of time, the student needs to access reliable technology such as high-speed internet, software, and hardware. But unfortunately, all students do not have the scope to access proper resources, which is the most common problem students face in learning mathematics online. As a result, this leads to technological barriers to the learning experience for students. 

Good internet connectivity is a concern for those who need not have access to it properly. Therefore, online learning should have proper internet connectivity, adequate technical support, and software or hardware is of utmost need. Unfortunately, due to a lack of Internet connectivity and poor software and hardware options, students fail to attend their proper online classes, a common issue they face in online learning nowadays. 

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Proper time management difficulties: online learning math can give more flexibility to the students in making their schedules appropriately. But on the other hand, it leads to inadequate time management. Sometimes balancing multiple courses at a time and being given lots of responsibilities can make some students dejected. As a result, they needed to cope with the given deadline to complete the task on time. This is also one of the major problems faced by students in learning mathematics online.

Limited peer and friend interaction: Lastly, online learning can limit the students’ scope with peer interaction. This leads to a lack of motivation in online learning sessions. In another way, it also lacks collaboration and isolates the student—this tendency to stay isolated stops building social relationships, which affects academic success.

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Strategies and Tips to overcome these problems 

Strategies and Tips to overcome these problems

Active engagement: As we know, in online learning sessions, there is a lack of instructor attention. Students should participate actively in all online discussions, like online forums on their related topic, or they can keep in touch with their instructor via email or group chat. While keeping in touch with their instructor can help clarify their doubts and stay updated with their course materials. 

The practical and proper use of technology: Always student should upgrade their software and hardware to learn mathematics online. The regular upgradation of their technology can help to stay connected on time without any technical disruptions through their online class. If there are technical issues, the students must have a backup plan, so their classes will not be noticed! Like having an alternative device to access the online course on time. 

Time management tips: Always think about a daily schedule and try to do in-hand planning for your task assignment. This can help the students complete the job before the deadline. And always avoid procrastination. Proper time management can help students be on the right track to understanding the subject quickly.

Peer collaboration practices: Always said that group participation is more profitable than living in a single or in isolated. Therefore, students should always have group participation while opting for online courses. This group participation can help build a good relationship with peers, boost the learning experience, and develop teamwork.

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Finally, we summarize this blog by saying online learning has become essential to modern education. Especially in mathematics, all objectivity, like the right study plan and proper technology, should be on the right track. But anyhow, as we know, when doing good things first, comes up with some hurdles and challenges like we face the first time while opting for online classes. Many challenges like lack of engagement, technological issues, time management difficulties, and limited peer interaction are common problems students face in learning mathematics online.

To beat all these hurdles, let us follow the strategy given in this blog above. Students should actively engage with instructors, use technology effectively, manage their time efficiently, and collaborate with peers. 

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Q1. What can I do if I find any problem engaging with my instructor during online mathematics courses?

A: Being active engagement is the main objective of overcoming the problem. You can participate yourself through group discussions or you can interact with your instructor via email or group chat. 

Q2. What should I do when facing technical issues during online math courses?

A: If you experience any technical issues, you can have a backup plan, like another alternative device, to connect while the online class goes on. 

Q3. How can I cope with my time efficiently during online math courses?

A: Start creating a timetable and make your task a more important priority list. Creating a proper timetable can help you to set realistic goals and deadlines. 

Q4. How can I collaborate with my peers during online math courses?

A: Group participation is excellent when opting for online math classes. Group collaboration can help you to develop teamwork skills and enhance your learning experience.

Q5. What should I do if I have limited access to technology during online math courses?

A: Seek help for the instructor or get academic support services if you have limited access to technology. You can also opt for public resources such as libraries or community centers.

Q6. How can I stay motivated during online math courses?

A: Getting proper goals and taking breaks between classes can help you stay motivated. Somehow you can ask for guidance from friends, family, or academic support services. 

Q7. How can I stay focused during online math courses?

A: Always create your own space where you are comfortable, avoid distraction, and develop a correct study plan to help you focus on online learning classes.  

Q8. How important is peer collaboration in online math courses?

A: When opting for an online class, peer collaboration is as important as another factor. Collaborating with a peer can help you better understand your subject matter.

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