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My Qualifications

I hold a PhD in mathematics from MIT. Prior to that, I did a BSc in mathematics from Yale. My doctoral research focused on algebraic geometry, specifically the study of the geometry – singular points, points at infinity, inflection points, and topology – of curves and surfaces.

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My Experience

My over 20 years as a math professor have seen me teach at some of the most prestigious US universities and around the world. I currently hold a tenured position as a mathematics professor at Harvard, where I have been teaching and conducting research for the past 15 years.

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My Expertise

My expertise is algebraic geometry, and I have published several papers in top-tier academic journals (Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Algebraic & Geometric Topology, Annals of Mathematics Studies (Princeton University Press)). I am particularly keen on understanding and analyzing the interplay between algebraic geometry and other fields of mathematics, such as number theory and complex analysis.



My Publications

Academics apart, I am also the author of several popular books on mathematics. My latest book, “The Beauty of Algebraic Geometry,” was published by the Princeton University Press in 2020 and received widespread critical acclaim.



My teaching, research, and writing aim to inspire the next generation of mathematicians and make this fascinating subject more accessible to all. Have I inspired you today?