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creative math classroom ideas to make math interesting

How teachers can use creative math classroom ideas to make math interesting

Summary – Education is the key; that unlocks the door to success! Proper education is necessary so that a student’s career can be built up properly. Being a teacher, this thing so be noted down. You must change your teaching style if you face any challenges while imparting math class. Read this blog and learn tips on how to make your math class more engaging and exciting.

Known Facts 

What is Creative Math Classroom Ideas? Math is a very tough and tricky subject. Understanding needs more effort and creativity to be involved in making it correct. The teacher especially felt that sometimes making the children understand the concept and solution was challenging. In that case, the teacher can use some constructive ideas, where the students will grasp the concepts easily and quickly, making the subject more interesting. In this blog, let’s discuss tips for making math classes interesting rather than boring.

6 Creative Math Classroom Ideas to Make Mathematics Interesting 

6 Creative Ways to Make Mathematics Interesting

Make the class more interactive and engagement 

There is a saying, “Positive environment can create a positive vibe” Therefore, teachers should create a positive surrounding which is very important for students to engage themselves in math learning classes. The first and utmost tip is to have math classroom ideas. The teacher should set a reasonable goal and communicate with the students more effectively. Suppose a teacher gives to solve solutions related to time and distance, then they must communicate with the students where they have their problems to solve them. One teacher can give proper math teaching tailored to the student’s interest and difficulties with particular concepts by understanding the student’s loopholes and problems.  

The US Department of Education research shows that positive attitudes toward math in 4th graders are more approx. 81%, but gradually number drops to 35% for 8th graders within four years as the students feel bored and less interested in math in class. As a result, poor performances and bad results. 

Professor Eric Mann believes ” Using creative strategies during the classroom can keep the students more engaged and interested toward the math.” 

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Diffuse Math Learning with Online Activities 

Nowadays, more critical is giving online classes than the traditional methods of chalk and blackboard. If you are a teacher using such old practices, skip it; it won’t work anymore. Nowadays, more students are tech-savvy and like visualizing everything through the internet. A teacher can utilize these creative math classroom ideas through online activities example showing visual aids. Through visual aids, the teacher can better teach mathematical concepts by integrating them with real-life examples. This can be more helpful to the students to stay active, and they will love to do math. The teacher can encourage students in problem-solving and critical thinking through math problems.

Gamify Learning 

Gamification is the other creative math classroom ideas that a teacher can use effectively. As a teacher, you can introduce math games and puzzles and encourage your students to participate in these games. Also, you can host math competitions and give rewards to motivate the student to participate. This will help them grasp the math concept quickly and feel excited to attend the class. In this way, they will take an interest and love to do math

Gamify Learning

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Make use of technological Tools 

Integrating technology tools is also a creative math classroom idea where teachers can diffuse any online math app into their classroom teachings.Explore any math-related apps and software that are reliable in offering a better math learning experience. A teacher can use educational videos and enhance classroom teachings through a dynamic and immersive learning environment.

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Make use of technological Tools

Boost Group Discussion 

If you are a teacher and trolling your mind about how to promote creativity in the classroom then group discussion is another way to make your math learning class more exciting. Do not use individual methods of learning. Always prefer to have a suitable learning method among students. Engage students with group projects and Presentations. This allows the students to work in a team to solve the problems. Peer-to-peer teaching methods are impressive, allowing the students to work in groups. 

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Boost Group Discussion

Make math Fun and engaging with real-life implications.

Co-relate math problems and math concepts with day-to-day lives. Teachers can add humour and Creativity to their lessons to make them fun. The teacher can give creative thinking examples for students, like real-life situations to solve math problems. Also, we can invite a guest speaker who can share their practical application to math in a professional way. 


The way a teacher gives a lesson for other subjects in the classroom, the students can understand it easily. But when it comes to math classrooms, it becomes tough for teachers to teach one-to-one math. So, in that case, the teacher can adopt a group discussion, integrate technology tools, and a lot more math creative ideas are given in this blog above. Read here and make your boring math class more exciting and fun. 


Q1. Why even also Creativity is essential in mathematics?

Yes, Creativity is essential even for math as well. Creativity can motivate students to be more engaged in math learning class. Teachers can adapt many creative classroom techniques for math learning, like online activities, playing games, etc. 

Q2. Are creative skills good for learning mathematics?

Yes, implying creative skills while solving a math problem can be easy for the students to understand the concept perfectly. Creative tips are: – 

  • Add real-life implications
  • Online Activities
  • Organize puzzle games and Rewards
  • A group discussion/ Presentation

Q3. Is mathematics fun?

Math can be fun when one can understand the concepts and the solutions. To understand the concept, the teacher has to take the pain. The teacher must adopt creative strategies to make the math learning process easy.  

Q4. If math is tricky, what can you do to understand the math concepts?

When math becomes challenging for students; in that case, teachers should use online tools and other creative ways to keep the students engaged and make the learning process easy.

Q5. Why is group discussion the best tip in math solving?

Group Discussion can be effective because, through teamwork, the student can solve the problem collaboratively. Teachers giving math solutions can be more effective for each student in a team or group.

Q6. Why integrating technology tools is best for math learning class?

Diffusing technology tools can be more engaging and more interesting nowadays for math learning classes because it attracts the student more through visually appealing aids. 

Q7. What is an online math app for assignments?

Online math apps for assignments are those platforms where the students can get done their assigned assignments given by the instructor on time. MyMathLab answers are one of them, where students can take help for them.  

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