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My Qualifications

I hold a PhD in mathematics from MIT, where I focused on developing new algorithms for solving complex computational problems in science, including mathematics. I did a bachelor’s in mathematics from Stanford, where I graduated with honors.

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My Experience

I have worked with several organizations, from small startups (Yup) to large corporations (IBM Research, GE Research), helping them solve several mathematical challenges that extend core computational science. I have also served as a consultant for government agencies and academic institutions (UPenn, UCB), providing guidance and insights on math-related topics.

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My Expertise

My expertise is in computational mathematics, numerical analysis, and mathematical modeling. My deep – and growing – understanding of the underlying principles of these areas has helped me develop innovative solutions for several problems in a time-bound manner.



My Publications

Besides my consultancy, I have published several academic papers and articles on emerging mathematical topics in leading scientific journals such as the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications and the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. My research, cited several times by scholars, further demonstrates my contribution to mathematics.




Mathematics is beautifully flexible when unearthed. My innate curiosity for mathematics has driven me reasonably far. I need to keep helping individuals and organizations appreciate the importance of mathematics in solving complex computational and mathematical problems. My publications and research need to keep contributing to the advancement of the field. I am excited to continue exploring the world of mathematics and its potential for innovation and discovery.