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My Qualifications

My journey in mathematics began with my scholarship to study for a BS at UCLA. After my bachelor’s in mathematics, I decided to pursue further studies and got my master’s from Yale.

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My Experience

To date, I have gained invaluable experience in academia and industry. My research in several institutions, including the Institute for Advanced Study and IBM Research, has been relevant. My work has focused on algebraic geometry, topology, and number theory.



My Publications

As an acknowledged expert in mathematics, I have published several research papers in renowned mathematics journals. One of my most notable works is my insightful research on the Riemann hypothesis, published in the Journal of the American Mathematical Society.

Research apart, I teach mathematics to students across all age groups. Some of my students have become successful mathematicians.



Mathematics is beautifully tough. I thus look forward to making further contributions to this discipline.

Both research and teaching make my day. To mathematically conceive almost any real-world issue or concept and then study its ramifications drives me.